A PharmaVenue & Accommodation Booking Agency can take the stress out of organising a conference.

If organised and implemented correctly,Guest Posting a PharmaVenue & Accommodation Booking Agency can be an essential and effective forum for the communication and development of scientific ideas, research and products. Organisers of Pharmaceutical conferences may wish to hire an Accommodation Booking Agency to help arrange the details of the conference. An Accommodation Booking Agency will source out the most appropriate venue for an event – sparing a company unnecessary expenses, or worse.

The agency will usually have extensive knowledge of Umrah packages from Abu Dhabi venues for conferences, hotels and hospitality providers – and they are in a unique position to bargain on your behalf. A PharmaVenue & Accommodation Booking Agency can source a range of hotels for delegates in the local area, and negotiate the best possible rates for the date of the event. Allowing the agency to liaise with the hotel will leave your own staff free to deal with other matters, and the Accommodation Booking Agency can come in very handy when dealing with any last minute changes. Naturally, mishaps will occur from time to time even in the most organised and planned event; the benefit of using such a service is that the agency will have past knowledge and will most likely be able to help with a variety of different circumstances.

In the Pharmaceutical Industry, strict guidelines exist from The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) regarding the management of pharmaceutical events; conference organisers will be aware that any unnecessarily lavish hospitality could be grounds for action. The Code of Conduct, and specifically clause 19, seeks to reduce the amount of unnecessary hospitality that is traditionally associated with Pharmaceutical Conferences. Compliance with the Code is obligatory for members of the ABPI, and companies can be forced to issue a corrective statement and be publicly reprimanded. This failure to comply with the ABPI could result in serious implications for a business – the press coverage, for example, could have a serious negative effect. This is where a PharmaVenue & Accommodation Booking Agency could really help out, giving the correct guidance and choosing a venue that offers the correct level of hospitality. So, what kind of accommodation is considered acceptable? While we can make assumptions, and PharmaVenue & Accommodation Booking Agency would give clear guidance and choose an appropriate venue. The level of accommodation that would typically be recommended by an Accommodation Booking Agency would not exceed a basic, comfortable standard – in keeping with the requirements of the ABPI. The level of accommodation could be adjusted for different speakers – for example, a high profile international speaker would probably warrant more hospitality than a local speaker. An Accommodation Booking Agency can help you to decide which venue should be used for your conference, avoiding any conflict with the ABPI Code of Practice.

When choosing a venue, it is worth considering that the ABPI states that the content should be the most important aspect in a Pharmaceutical Conference. Therefore, choosing a venue that is entertainment orientated would be inappropriate. According to the ABPI, sending delegates on a trip to an expensive spa resort would not be justifiable as a necessary expense of arranging a Pharmaceutical conference. The ABPI’s Code of Practice is, according to it’s President, “regarded as a world gold standard for self-regulation”, and it’s list of rules is central to ensuring that the Pharmaceutical industry is ruled by scientific developments and not marketing. For this reason, it is recommended to use an Accommodation Booking Agency with extensive knowledge of the ABPI. It may be a good idea to seek out an Accommodation Booking Agency that specifically deals with ABPI issues, and can recommend venues and hotels that would suit the Pharmaceutical Industry.