Ecommerce Website Development

Having an eCommerce website is an important and profitable step for business. However, internet is flooded with eCommerce websites. To stand out amongst them and achieve your business goals, effective promotion of your website is equally important. Like in a brick and mortar shop a shopkeeper attracts customers by fashionably displaying his products; eCommerce websites too can lure customers by innovative marketing and promotional techniques.

Visibility and look is crucial in eCommerce. An eCommerce website should be pleasant to look at and offer apt responses to the customers. It should clearly display what it is offering and why it should be the customer’s preferred choice for business. For better traffic, affiliated marketing connections can also be put to good use. Earning maximum revenue through your website is however the best option.

Following suggestions can give eCommerce websites some pointers to ensure better promotion and improve overall performance.

SEO Strategy

Not just eCommerce, any website needs to have search engine optimization. Optimization improves your site’s ranking which can get more traffic for your site, which can in turn lead to more sales. However, deciding on the elements to be optimized can be challenging and time-consuming.

The speed with which your website gets loaded also has a bearing on traffic and sales. Slow websites can lose customers owing to choice and impatience of customers and can also rank low. Fast loading and quick responsive websites can lead to more conversions. Performance can be enhanced by proper selection of web hosting provider too.

Creating blogs or engaging bloggers

Blogs play a significant role in How to increase website traffic and sales online marketing. They are cost-efficient and have a wide reach. E-commerce sites can create a blog that gives information regarding their products and it can be used for promotion.

Instead of or along with creating blogs, popular bloggers can be requested to write a product review in return of free samples or other financial arrangements.

Social media for business

Social media sites and social media marketing can be very beneficial for eCommerce websites, due to the large number of people who use them. Social media marketing does not command a huge investment too.

Sharing of content and posting links for spotting by the target audience can get visitors to your website. With experience, the best workable strategy can be identified.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising can be expensive, but is valuable and effective. If better conversion rates are consistently achieved, paid advertising can provide very good returns. Getting visitors on your site will cost money, but the conversion part depends on you.

eCommerce sites with shopping widgets

Easy navigation and social media buttons are imperative for any eCommerce site. Widgets like a shopping cart, customer’s browsing history, products viewed or search boxes can ensure that customers have a breezy and satisfactory shopping experience. Social media buttons ensure that your site gets promotion and a good review to go with it.