How to Play SNES Games on Your iPhone-iPod Touch With an iPhone SNES Emulator

The Apple iPhone is one of the most desirable pieces of technology available on the market today. Apple have lived up to their reputation and created storms throughout the mobile phone industry with their perfect blend of music, multimedia and communication.

It is now possible to play your classic favourites Ps2 ROMs from the Super Nintendo on your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch thanks to some incredible members of the open source programming world. The iPhone SNES emulator is fantastic example of what can be achieved. The iPhone SNES emulator makes good use of the iPhones touch screen features to play games, you will be very impressed!

Play Super Nintendo / SNES games on your iPhone with the iPhone SNES Emulator

What you’ll need-

Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch
SNES4 iPhone SNES Emulator
TotalCommander software

All of the above can be easily found with Google, for legal reasons the software cant be hosted here.

Step 1 – Install TotalCOmmander onto your Apple iPhone / iPod Touch

Install TotalCommander
Extract the archive
Open TotalCommander, click on Configuration at the top, then Options
Click on Plugins in the left column
Click Configure under File System Plugins.WFX
Click Add and find the T-PoT.0.2 folder and select the T-PoT.wfx file, click OK
Close TotalCommander down and open it up again
In the Drop Down Menu on the right that says [-C-] change it to the last option [-/-]
This shows all of the files on your iPhone / iPod Touch we will use this software to transfer files to your device

Step 2 – Installing the iPhone SNES Emulator on your iPhone / iPod Touch

Open TotalCommander
In the right column locate the folder called applications
Drag the SNES4iPhone directory onto the applications folder
let it do its thing

Step 3 – Installing SNES Roms to play with your iPhone SNES Emulator

Use TotalCommander and navigate to the following path-

for Firmware lower then 1.1.3 in /var/root/Media/ROMs/SNES/
for Firmware higher or equal to 1.1.3 in /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/SNES/

Transfer your ROMS by dragging and dropping them into TotalCommaner

Step 4 – Playing your games with the SNES iPhone Emulator

Open the iPhone SNES emulator
Choose your desired settings, defaults are fine
Select the SNES game you want to play on your Apple iPhone by clicking on the ROM

Thats it enjoy, all of those 90’s classic SNES games thanks to the iPhone SNES emulator! Personally I play with the screen in landscape mode with the controls overlaid on the iPhones touch screen!

Thats not all you can do with your Apple iPhone / iPod Touch! You can also get a PlayStation 1 emulator to play all of your favourite PSONE games such as wipe out. Don’t forget classic games from the NES and Game Boy Advance, mobile duck hunt and Pokemon anyone? All of these emulators are relatively simple to install and follow a very similar process to that explained above.